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Traditional Medicine cures many ailments

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Shaman Priests should be trained Traditional Ayurvedic Doctors like myself and not those who instil fear and worries into the minds of their clients.

The world is already full of negativity and sorry to say,  ‘these days’ Shamans and Bomohs are adding to such negativity.

A real Shaman Priest should relieve the patients distress level, therefore it takes a trained person to become a real Shaman, trained from childhood.

People call me Master Ji (which means Respected Master) all for a good reason. When I was a kid, I saw how my father used a distillery and make Sawf ka Arak meaning distilled water with fennel seed essence. My mother helped him with many types of herbs and medicines. My siblings were born into an Ayurvedic family. After his retirement, my father became a religious teacher and later a  Priest. I was his assistant all my teenage life.

Life changed for me from a religious to a spiritual quest seeker after my father’s death. During my working life, I was able to help the poor people in countries like Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, South Thailand and Indonesia. At the same time, I studied the herbs from these countries as well. Each time I went to the remote areas, I was well equipped with the best medicines available to me.

Soon, I was hailed a faith healer because of my knowledge of the occult sciences as well. I underwent practical training to understand human psychology and after my retirement at 50, I came back to my hometown , Seremban.

Here in my home, I run a Wholistic Healing Centre and I employ staff for the production of Ayurvedic pill manufacturing, mainly for export markets.

Our pills come with an approved Gelatin Capsule with the ‘HALAL’ label.

Our main current market are many Muslim countries and some Eurpoean and Russian countries.

All enquiries are welcomed.


Mobile: +6017  6138 518

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